Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Can anyone tell me why I'm so lazy to post weekly article on blogger? Haizzzzzzzzzzzz..................
Why I'm so lazy~ Always like to do last minute works since sencondary school. My mom had scold and advice me too much time adready but I still do the same things evertime~ Can anyone teach me how to change this kind of bad attitude or not?????

Now begin the articles that should be post.........

9th Week of SCCT 1023
The 9th week of the class was on 9th of September. The class was started as usual on 8.30pm. On that day, Cik Azura give lecture for chapter 6 - Telecommunication which is hard for me to understand but still need to get know because it related to our second individual assignment that need to pass up before the Raya's holidays. After finished the lecture, Miss Azura explain again about the assignment. On that day, the guy who smoke and enter the class still sitting nearer me!!!!oh my God!!! how could this kind of happened to me......... I hate smoker lahhhhhhhh........

10th week of SCCT 1023
The class had been cancelled because Cik Azura wish to give us time going back hometown earlier. Really thanks a lot for her kindness~ Maybe some of you may think that I'm still at UUM at that time cause I'm a kind of person who like to do last minute works. But sorry for those who went back on Thurday of that week cause I already went back Penang on the morning of 13th September.....hehe ^ ^ I had rushed uo my time to finished the assignment as earlier as posible so that can going back hometown earlier. I spend the whole night of that monday and finally I had finished it. Yeah~

11th week of SCCT 1023
This was the last week article that I should post out on blogger. On that day, the class had started on 8.00pm back but it seem that many people still don't know about that cause at 8pm the class only few people come. Even Cik Azura had mention it before the holidays but they still forget. Almost reached 9pm, the class just fulled with people. That day the class had finished earlier that usual, the clas had finished around 9.30pm. Even the class finished earlier but when we went back hostel it almost reach 10.15pm already because the bus unimap just coming on 10pm.

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